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Workout Routine To Build Muscle: Build Bigger Arms, Legs, And Back Muscles With This Workout Plan

See how to bulk up and gain mass quickly:

In this video, Fitness Model Troy Adashun takes you on an anabolic packed workout routine that will help you build bigger arms, legs, and back muscles in the same workout! This is an incredibly intense workout plan that should help skinny guys maximize their muscle building genetics by unleashing maximum anabolic hormones and working the body’s largest and strongest muscle groups.

If you are looking for an incredible all around workout plan that will punish your arms, legs, and back muscles – this is the routine for you. Start off 2014 with an anabolic bang – and try this well rounded workout routine for radical muscle growth.

This workout plan will focus on the compound exercises that work the major muscle groups in the body. This is the key to maximizing your muscle building and is the perfect workout routine for any skinny guy who is a true “hard gainer.”

Troy Adashun takes you through the entire workout routine in this video and shows you the proper form.

0:24 – Exercise One will be the barbell row. This is a proven muscle building compound exercise and will work the middle back as well as the arms.

1:02 – Exercise two is the T-Bar row. Another variation of the row exercise that puts more emphasis on the arm muscles, and mid to upper back. This is one of Troy Adashun’s favorite muscle building exercises that emphasizes the biceps and back in the same movement.

1:48 – Exercise three is the barbell curl. For all you guys who love to work their biceps – this is the exercise for you! Make sure to go heavy on this but keep proper form.

2:29 – Exercise four is a great quadriceps exercise and a variation of the traditional barbell squat. The DB squat will work different muscle groups in your legs, and will be a great lower body muscle builder.

3:17 – Exercise five is the dead-lift, and is one of the most important muscle building exercises that most guys don’t perform regularly. This is a great anabolic maximizing exercise because you work your lower back, arms, and hamstrings in the same compound exercise.

4:16 – Last but certainly not least is one of the best upper body exercises for maximum muscle growth. The wide grip pull up is great for building bigger arms and wide, thick and muscular back.

Make sure to try this workout for maximum release of anabolic hormones and to build rock solid lean muscle mass.

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  1. you should really be using are curl bar for curling and you were rocking back and forth on them try to stay more controlled, the rest of it looked great though nice video. I'm ready for the people to start raining hate on me, things "like what would you know…" :D

  2. This video really impressed me to much that why I can grew up my muscles simply and systematically. So I refer you all to do in at you home because it is money saving exercise. You don't need to go gym to build you chest or other else. First of all the you tube is best site for showing us such kinds of video to enhance our knowledge without paying I mean free. You you have to pick more benefit by you tubes products. I was fat I mean more heavy than earlier before seeing this post. After watching these all post provided by gym experts or other guys or girls. But knowing is nothing after you don’t emplement them to your regular exercise. I remember myself everday to do this kasarat at my house. I also tells my all friends to do this at their own risk.

  3. Really appreciate that Ur video was amazing now i have finally made my workout routine referring Ur video hope this will help me out..and i wanna ask u something will i get my muscles and hand powers if i am thin and i don have big arms….hope this will help me out really amazing video nice keep it up ….and i think this is the best muscles building workout i have ever seen in youtube my life.U can even post some video to increase lower body strength.and do u have any idea to increase weight and fat in the body. plz say ok

  4. Just pounded through this workout at the gym and it is top notch. For any skinny guys looking to build bigger arms, legs, and back this is a great workout. I like the fact this workout puts a huge emphasis on compound movements and lifting heavy. 

  5. Hi
    I have seen the video. I can know some thing to see the video. i think this video so many peoples can be help. Especially how to passes a big arms. So friends don't late or don't miss to see this video. thank everybody

  6. If you are a skinny or thin guy? lets see how can get big arms within short period. it is very is easy to follow. also it is very interesting. if we follow this,  i can say for sure we will get quick  muscle. if you think this is the best way to build good muscle, try this. 

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