Quick Fitness Workout

Your Quick Shaolin Workout

Combine speed, power and flexibility and see how many rounds you can do
Kung Fu

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  1. So the heart beat is pole to equator.the planet but the moon is circuit or blood circulation have get well circulation the moon circuits the plane t.in philosophy theory the interaction of moon and planet, bringing in fruition tuning and toning the instrument the body

  2. I'm exhausted, i can would like to share, promise, maybe I'll be able to conjure. Breathing pulling air in like from the equator to the pole and pushing air out from the pole to the equator, of any planet. Then the heart pull and push beat to the pole then equator.now breathing come on its own. The nativity promise

  3. Well i gave it a like… but to be honest.. now He looks like so fuckin tired! looks like when someone lose his vital energy… does he has any kind of heavy sickness right now? I just dont want to think he got this weak without sickness..

  4. Run for 5k or whatever you want then do

    17 push ups

    horse stance no relax for 22 squats

    20 fast raised knees on each leg

    fast straight leg raises 10 or 11 times each leg

    You can now do any fighting punch

    Now do the second set and do any kind of push up 20 times

    10 stance squats any stance you want on both legs

    Then do any kind of leg kick upwards 10 times each leg

    Now do any combinations, punch kick, anything you want to do. Any fighting punch and kicks, but do it relaxed.

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