Sometimes working out is not enough! As I hit a plateau with my fitness journey I realized my intake of food did not match my output. It was more like overboard and inconsistent. So we are taking a page out of my old routine and prepping meals; and I must say that I am loving
In this video I share some of my favorite post workout meals and explain why I eat them. Get Son of a Barista’s starter kit here: https://sonofabarista.com/collections/pods/products/the-starter-kit?sca_ref=717283.MLSFTcthzJ I’ll also give you my thoughts on what to eat for maximum muscle gain and fat loss. Train with me on magnusmethodapp.com My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/magnuslygdback
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What To Eat Before and After Your Workouts Let’s simplify the pre- and post-workout meals. In this quick video, I provide some guidelines for how to eat to optimize your workout and recovery. These are just guidelines, of course. You will need to modify them to suit your caloric intake and goals. But, whether you’re