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10 Minute Walks | Circadian Rhythms | Pre Workout Meals | Workouts | Vlog #3

Another vlog full of my nutrition, non exercise activity thermogenesis, and workouts.

Daal Chaal, Oats, & Short Shorts is the way people!

The adidas climate joggers are the best bottoms I have found that fit nicely while being active!

A quick talk on circadian rhythms!

I will make an update to the watching workouts series as well as my new full week of eating video series that I am starting!

My training split has changed from the previous 6 days Push/Pull/Legs back in winter to now a 4 days a week Upper/Lower. I have new movements in this current set up such as:

Trapbar Deadlift
Leg Press Stance Variations
—Close and Low
—Close and High
—Single Leg
Smith Machine Calf Raise

Flat & Inc. Barbell Press
Chest Fly
Single Arm Cable Row
V Handle Pulldown
Cable Pullover

I will go over this in more detail in future videos on the channel!

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