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More like a day in the life video/vlog this time. Really happy with the new ink, can’t wait to see the final result when it’s completely healed.

Tattoo artist: @therealvicasso check him out for some more cool ink designs (not sponsored)

Kept it very basic & easy for the workout:

– cable chest fly 5x 10-12
– dumbbell side raise 5x 10-12
– incline chest press 4x 15 each arm
– dumbbell front raise 4x 10-12 each arm
– single arm cable side raise 3x 12 each arm

One of the meals I eat almost every single day (because I love bread):
– 4 slices of bread with some light butter
– 4 whole eggs
– air fried asparagus
(sometimes I’ll have avocado instead of the butter, but unfortunately I didn’t have any at home)

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  1. i think you'r more lovely with out tattoo
    it all depends on your own sedition it's your own body you can do what ever you want with it
    but i think that you'd be better not to have tattoos any more
    we love you
    stay healthy 💚👍🏽💚

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