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Welcome to my Filipino fitness channel – in this fitness blog I show you the best upper body workout for women training chest, shoulders and triceps.

In this upper body workout for women, I will show you how to lose those bingo wings. Training Chest, shoulders and in particular triceps really helps in losing the bingo wings.

I started these Pinoy fitness channel blogs on 4 November 2019 at the age of 40 and as a mum of 2 children starting my journey as a Filipino mum getting fit.

In my twenties, I used to be a Filipino model and my goal as a mum getting fit is to become a Filipino fitness model.

I train using a split routine of legs day one, chest, shoulders and triceps day two – Back and biceps day three hitting each workout twice per week.

I am being trained by Mark who with 40 years of training behind him and a natural competitive bodybuilder has a wealth of experience having trained with 3 separate girls who won regional and national natural Miss Athletic titles.

What’s the best upper body workout for women? exactly the same upper body workout for men.

All the women winning titles train the same way as men.

I hope you enjoyed this fitness blog from my Filipino fitness channel, stay tuned as I release new workout videos every week and explain how I am losing fat while gaining muscle without cardio or counting calories.

To see how I have lost so much weight without counting calories or doing cardio check out my playlist entitled ” Filipino fitness channel – Filipino fitness – Filipina fitness – Pinoy fitness channel ”


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  1. Mabuti nlng na wla ng baguio, balik ALINDOG at balik YT napo ate! Mag 4 mos na ang training nmo ate ug mas Lalo kang lumiksi at mas lalong sumeksi. Thumbs up and have a blessed Friday fam. Full watch with Ads

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