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FREAKY STRONG!! New PRs & EPIC Post Workout Meal!

Monster Michael todd vs Devon Larratt will be in a few short weeks! Check out of everything is going according to plan. Will Michael have all the armwrestling tools he needs? And is his post workout meal going to give him the fuel he needs. You decide.

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  1. Thats some strong biceps and brachialis on you man, 30 reps at 86kg, thats power baby! I dont understand at all how you can get that strength with those BFR's and high rep ranges though, but I guess it's working for you, evidentedly.

  2. Devon wins 3-2….that extra strength is going to screw with your mobility which will be your downfall… would you like to make a friendly wager?
    I don’t know what I’m talking about 🤣 but keep up the good work Michael what you guys are doing is great for the sport👍
    Stay safe dude!

  3. I am more of a fan of Devon, but I keep on realizing that despite the level of heat the rivalry has between you and him. It is more important on two people challenging each other, without the need for any shame, regardless of outcome. One day a person wins, another his opponent and it does not have to have any negative backlash, but just the strive to improve.

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