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Hacks That Helped Me GAIN WEIGHT! 💪🏾🍑 | My weight gain journey + workouts, meals & tips

Hey guys✨
So I wanted to share my weight gain journey with using apetamin, gym workouts, and foods that I eat that helped me build my body.

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  1. Apetamine isn’t good for you. It’s allergy medicine & not meant to be used as a weight gainer. I know it’s hard for us slim girls to gain weight but there are safer ways! Good luck on your journey 💕💕

  2. Please always use the LORD'S name Respectfully and never in vain remember to repent and turn to Jesus before its to late!

  3. I wanna gain weight and eating is far from being my problem it’s just when I eat alot( which I do) I get bloated like really bad bearing in mind I’m skinny. And I stay like that for a couple of days or throughout the whole day . And it’s like I wanna eat more but I don’t wanna carry around this pot belly. And it’s really hard to work out for abs when u are bloated cus I just feel like throwing up and I don’t wanna do that cus imma lose all the calories I earned . I need help

  4. Why is everybody on a gain weight journey? Because of Instagram and being scared to get a bbl. I feel like skinny people, or any other body type that isn’t deemed as beautiful, contradict themselves when they say oh I look like a stick or a fridge and that’s okay but I want to be thick. It's okay to be skinny, you can't even call someone thin anymore because they automatically take it offensively.

  5. Started working out recently too, if you'll want yall can click my icon to the most recent video and give me feedback.
    But I'm so lovely that you back girl really happy that you being all productive.
    Been watching them other videos back to back but at least now it's new videos every now and then.
    Love you💞

  6. Omg someone I love and trust doing a weight gain journey cause I need good and honest tips that don’t confuse me😭❤️ I was doing good before and had a little booty but my weight also fluctuates because my eating habits aren’t the best.

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