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HEALTHY Day In My Life | a complete ab workout, healthy meal ideas, & the supplements I take

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  1. Hey Renee!

    Would you mind making a sheet of the workouts you do daily? (Maybe a PDF or doc file) Especially for the one in this video? I am trying to do more workouts just using my body weight and no machines, other than hand weights. You look great! Thank you so much!

    -Katie 🙂

  2. I’m low key obsessed with your supplements container. Would love a deep dive video into all the supplements you take. When, why, how often etc.

  3. I take Vitamin C everyday because it's really good for your immune system!! I only get really sick (sinus infection or strep throat, it goes back and forth) once a year!

  4. Ne biçim yaşamak ya bu. Standart hayatımdan şikayet ediodum ama yarabbi şükür. Yaşamak bu değil valla herşeyi stamdarda bağlamışlar ıspanaklaro bile torbadan çıkarıyor ya😱😱😱

  5. Hi! My name is Francesca and I'm Italian. I'm a languages student at University and I translate texts from English into Italian. If you're interested and would like more info, you can find me on Instagram (traduzioni.e.sbobine) or you can comment here and I will answer you! Thank you!

  6. I watch your vlogs everytime you post for very long, and i think that you need little less pills and more real food. Lcarnitine makes you thinner and you will not be gaining weight, you will be losing it.
    I think all the best and youre a beautiful girl just as you are. 😊

  7. Philosophy is actually a mandatory class in highschool in my country which is cool buuuut like with many other subjects…it’s built in a way that completely misses out the point. We had to memorize names, dates, concepts. There was little to no space for discussion, reflection…I was actually a good student but I have to admit that school kills the essence of many subjects and does not stimulate kids to learn but to get grades and move on to the following year…over and over again 😣

  8. I started both the question of the day and mindfulness journal based off your recommendation and I loveeeee doing them each day! I actually wrote down your name for the "who has been inspiring you lately" for the question of the day journal!!! Your videos truly motivate me and bring me so much joy and peacefulness, so thank you for that! Also, I NEED to know where you got the expresso patronum mug from!!!

  9. That apartment is an actual dream…hope you are still enjoying it! And don't worry too much about the lack of sunshine, with spring coming around the corner you will start to notice a lot more sun after the next few weeks! January-February are the most uncomfortable months in terms of weather up here, but if you can make it to March it gets so much better!

  10. I can understand that you found peace within the Bible, and that you are now studying it but, religion is something intimate and you cannot talk about it in every video. Honestly, as an atheist I am unsubscribing from your channel. You say that you are not trying to influence people with your beliefs but you do. You have online vlogs about it, people are watching it… Therefore you are trying to influence and I don’t like it since your viewers are young people, probably even n high school. Think about it.

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