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High Protein Post Workout Diet || chickpeas sprouts – Exercise and Best Foods

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Chickpeas or chana is loaded with a wealth of nutrients. The legume is an incredible source of protein and antioxidants. If prepared right, they can make for a stellar addition to your diet. Boiling and steaming them may help you cut many calories. Sprouts too are a healthy option for weight loss. According to experts, sprouting increases digestibility of nutrients present in lentils and legumes.

Moong Sprouts Masala Recipe in Hindi | Mung bean —

मूंग दाल की पिन्नी | Moong dal ki pinni recipe in hindi —

मूंग दाल दही भल्ला रेसिपी | Moong Dal Dahi Bhalla Recipe in Hindi —

दानेदार मूंग मसूर की दाल | Moong Masoor Dal Recipe in Hindi | Danedar Moong Masoor Dal —

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