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Hey there our lovely viewers, In this video we have discussed 5 high protein meals you should definitely try to meet your daily protein intake. Hope you will like our video and please do subscribe for more interesting videos.


Intro – 0:00

1. Garlic Shrimp with Quinoa – 0:57
2. Protein mug cake – 1:30
3. Black beans with corn salad – 1:58
4. Alfredo Pizza – 2:42
5. Protein French toast – 3:01

1. Garlic Shrimp with Quinoa:

Start your day on a delicious high-protein note with this meal. Trust me; this is one easy-to-make high protein meal you can have for breakfast or dinner. And you know what? This recipe doesn’t require a ton of cleanup. So, if you’re in a hurry and want to save time, you can try making yourself a serving of Garlic shrimp and Quinoa. While Quinoa ranks as one of the high protein grains you can easily access and also being one of the foods in a plant-based diet for beginners, shrimps are your go-to lean protein sources.

2. Protein mug cake:

Are you a sweet tooth and a lover of high-protein snacks? This amazing cup of goodness is one high-protein snack you should try out. A serving of protein mug cake contains over 30 g of protein. Not only can this protein diet serve as your dessert, but you can also make memories over your protein mug cakes. See a movie and create memories today over some protein mug cakes.

3. Black beans with corn salad:

This recipe is one high-protein meal you shouldn’t think twice before jumping into. If you’re looking for how to go vegan, try adding this recipe to your vegan meal prep. And do you know the most interesting part of it all? This plant-based diet is a no-cook recipe. I mean, you don’t have to heat up to reap the flavorful and health benefits. Wait. Are you feeling hungry but you’re so tired and lazy to turn on your oven? A bowl of black beans and corn salad is all you need to satisfy that hunger and still meet your required daily protein intake.

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4. Alfredo pizza:

If you’re a pizza lover, this is for you. All you need for this high-protein pizza recipe is your flaky biscuit dough, garnished with cheese, chicken, Alfredo sauce, and spinach. Heat in the oven for 15-20 minutes and you have gotten yourself a healthy protein-rich lunch!

5. Protein French toast:

if you’re working to build your muscles and bulk up fast, don’t ignore this meal. Whatever your body goal is, what you eat and when you eat determines the result you will get. That’s why workout expert, Eliot Burton advises you to place nutrition at the top tier of your workout goal. If you’re a hard gainer, try taking this every morning and watch your body transform for good.

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