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How to build strength for BIG Legs | PRE and Post workout meals

This is a strength training for core because you need to be stronger to get bigger

Warm up:
High kicks
Bulk kicks
Dancer pose
Glutes stretch

Box squats
Leg extension
Hamstring curls
Standing calf raise

Below are the meals that I prefer:

Per Workout meals:
Fruits like banana, apple etc.
Muesli and Milk
Dry fruits – almonds and walnut
Oat meal
Flavoured yogurts
Flax seeds, salmon seeds, and chia seeds

Post Workout meals:
Egg whites, omelette and toast
Baked veggie with 1 potato
Tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread
Oat meal, wheat flakes, cereal with fruits and nuts in milk or curd.
Cottage cheese
Peanut butter toast
Hand full of nuts like almonds or raisins. It is rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

Top 6 exercises for building MASS.

This is part of the MASS workout series and is especially shared to help folks with lean physique. I have seen improvement in my body post these workout sessions.

I would be more than glad if this helped anyone watching this video because I have struggled a lot with building physique that I craved for but now this is it. You have the package revealed. below are the link to the complete series.

Shoulder workout –
Biceps and Triceps workout –
Legs workout –
Chest workout –
Back workout –

Happy New Year 2021, Cheers 🤙🏻

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