Workout Meals

How & What to Eat After Working Out

In this video I share some of my favorite post workout meals and explain why I eat them.
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I’ll also give you my thoughts on what to eat for maximum muscle gain and fat loss.

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  1. If we have a cheat meal , let’s say a couple slices of pizza at dinner, and it’s the 4th meal of the day, should we still eat the evening snack 3 h later or skip it?

  2. Also worth mentioning pretty sure the 30-50 gram Is questioned in research too 🙂 appreciate your self awareness Magnus (old school bodybuilding ideas part)

  3. What do you recommend if your muscles are struggling to recover and cramping even when doing easy exercises? I’ve been using magnesium to supplement, but I think maybe potassium is low.

  4. Il faut vraiment que j'apprenne l'anglais a fond car je n'ai pas de traduction et je voudrais reellement comprendre ce qui ai dit dans les videos, je comprends certaine choses mais…, belle continuation et a bientot

  5. Magnus thank you for the information, when referring to protein consumption, considering the fact that the goal is to lose weight, what body weight should you follow when calculating 2kg per total

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