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Lose Weight ❤ Butt Workout ❤ Quick Fix ❤ Cardio Strength Dumbbell Workout ❤ Fitness With Juliette

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This cardio strength workout is based on 3 components. Cardio, strength and core work.
You’re getting strength and cardio work in one comprehensive 15-minute workout. This workout will help you to burn fat and obtain leaner body very quick.
The first 5 minutes are dedicated to a dynamic warm-up to get your body ready. Cardio warm up will increase your lung capacity and let the blood flow more actively.
The strength part of the workout will cover best arm exercises. Light weights and a lot of reps to make those arms strong and lean. We will finish up this 15 min QUICK FIX WORKOUT with dynamic, quick and effective core work to build 6 packs and sexy butt. Sculpt as a pro.


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