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Sometimes working out is not enough! As I hit a plateau with my fitness journey I realized my intake of food did not match my output. It was more like overboard and inconsistent. So we are taking a page out of my old routine and prepping meals; and I must say that I am loving the convenience and results.

About Me
I’m a Free-Spirited Soul that is always ready for a good time to create memories. I’m also a wife and mom of 2. My societal “Title” is “Doctor of Physical Therapy”, but I only work Part-Time. I traded it in to spend majority of my time as a Stay at Home Mom.

YouTube and many viewers like to box us into a certain category, but I’m an all around type of Gal. My videos reflect our everyday living, whether it be baking cookies, my fitness/holistic journey, to vlogging about skydiving (haven’t done that YET, but it’s the variety in content that’s expected to be seen on this channel).

I love creating memories with my family and creating content that are entertaining and informative. Hope to grow with you guys and look forward to changing each other’s lives.

Love The HOaTz

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