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My Go-To Pre & Post Workout Meals | What I Eat On A Tough Leg Day Burn 🔥

The Healthy Crazy Cool Cookbook:


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Liquid Gold Tahini (I hope you all enjoy as much as I do):
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What supplements do I take as a vegan?
– B12
– D3 + K2 formula
– Omega 3/ algae DHA (all linked below)
– I also add “Iodized” salt to most of my meals!

Vivolife Protein link & discount code (the one I use)
Use: MILES10 for 10% discount on anything
I use the vanilla & salted caramel perform protein most frequently 🙂
* Vegan Omega 3, B12 & vit D (with K2) supplement now available

How I eat as vegan athlete:

My 4 Fave Vegan Meals:

Love & tahini to everyone 💚

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  1. Luv ya like my own child but, please, get yourself a non-serrated knife to chop your veggies. Even a 6"inch one will do. We all know by know that size doesn't matter (that's what she said) but a santoku 6-7 inch knife will change your life as far as chopping veggies go.Not that you have trouble getting that done. Just motherly/chef advice. "cause LOVE. And much Peace from Upstate NY. PS: Get the girl back A.S.A.P. I think she's such also good nourishment in your life. <3 🙂

  2. Hi Miles, hi guys! So, let me get this straight: I need some help/advice and I think I might find it in this incredible community. I'm 17 years old and approximately 4 years ago I became anorexic. One year of extreme restriction (500 calories/day maybe) and then the year after, I started to eat a little more because otherwise I would't have been able to attend school (maybe 1200 calories idk). Unfortunately, after 2 years of starvation, I started binge eating. And now it's been 2 years already… I don't know what to do anymore! There are moments (for a couple of days and sometimes weeks) when I started to restrict because I noticed I had gained weight, but afterwards I would just go back to my bad habits… It means periods eating barely 500-600 calories per day, and then binging at 2000 calories a day or more. And the thing is, now if I eat more than 600 calories a day, I gain weight ! I tried to increase my caloric intake to at least 1200 calories a day, which is the portion of a 3-year-old, but I gained 6 kilos in 2 weeks I think ! I'm desperate, what can I do? I have an appointment with a endocrinologist tomorrow, but I don't even know if he's gonna be able to help me… Is there any hope at this point? Thanks if you have read this 😉

  3. Milessss when doing any deadlift variation try keeping your head in alignment with your spine when lowering the weight to prevent putting any unnecessary strain in your lower back ! <3

  4. What comes near the flavour of salted caramel if I don't want to use protein powder? Maybe just add dates and salt to my Banana smoothie? I like Maca powder in smoothie which is nice.

    Miles where do you buy your fruits? I get most of my food at Tesco Superstore near my home. But I feel like it takes ages for fruit to ripen at home (I'm up in Edinburgh). Bought Papaya in the reduced section recently and it took them 2 weeks to get soft inside, while the skin was still green. Happy for local Strawberries right now, but even Melons or Mangos aren't really very delicious. So I end up buying local Apples mostly, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes, frozen Berries or Kiwis.

  5. Why didn't the mangos have pits in the middle? Or did they? Also do you soak the leeks before roasting to get the sandy grit out of them?

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