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SEX Differences in Training | MEN vs WOMEN (Workout Science)

MEN vs WOMEN | SEX Differences in Training & Diet | Differences between MEN & WOMEN diet & workout science #workout #gender #science

As a lot of you will still be on your quest to either lean bulk to build muscle or lose weight, burn fat & get that bell fat off, although I have already touched on the best diet for fat loss – I thought I’d cover a more training focused vid where I discuss the misconception that women need to train differently to men to build muscle or lose fat

Correct, although there are some slight differences in men vs women & their metabolisms, physiology etc, the answer to how women should train to build muscle or lose fat is the same as men

Still to this day it seems that women need to not lift weights & do cardio instead to lose fat or build muscle whereas that is anything but & the science is there to prove it.

So, although you may not believe it; the best way to build muscle or lose fat as a woman is going to be to lift weights in the gym while following a calorie appropriate diet which is then what dictates muscle gain or fat loss

Yep, as a woman you will not get big & bulky lifting weights, your metabolism & physiology isn’t set up to allow you to turn into the next bodybuilding champion but more so result in a lean toned physique & body transformation

Weights is what you need to prioritise if you want to build a toned physique, not cardio. Diet is then what dictates building muscle or losing fat & i don’t mean another fad diet like the paleo diet, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting diet which has you starving yourself but to simply follow a well balanced diet according to the diet explained in the best diet to lose fat & build muscle vid. Well, while I won’t go into all the details about the differences in metabolisms, hormones & the science of how women to train to build muscle or lose fat here, I’ll let the vid do the talking as it covers several important headings from:

• Men vs women training differences
• Men vs women hormones Differences
• Men vs women diet differences
• Which is best, Heavy or light weights to build muscle or lose fat & get toned
• How much volume per workout
• Muscle fibre type
• Muscle gain potential between men & women
• Strength gain potential
• Best rest times to build muscle or lose fat
• & more about how women should train & diet differently (if at all) to men to build muscle or lose fat

Hopefully from everything above it gives you an insight metabolism, diet & training differences between men & women & sets you up to design the best training program to build muscle or lose fat in an evidence based way according to if you are a man or woman

It’s still safe to say that within the fitness & bodybuilding industry, there will still always be the myth & fear among women to lift weights & increase calories slightly to build muscle & get toned so if you know any woman who still thinks his way & only does cardio & eats very little calories in the hopes to build muscle or lose fat & get toned then do share the video with them

So, I’ll let the video do the rest so sit back, relax & enjoy a full vlog & full day of eating while giving you an insight to how men & women should train to build muscle or lose fat & get toned & a scientific explanation between metabolism, muscle fibre type, hormones, muscle gain potential, strength gain potential, workout volume & recovery, diet & more & how women should train once & for all to build muscle or lose fat & get toned with science & finally getting more women to the gym to lift weights. Trust me girls, lifting weight does not make you big & bulky, your metabolism & physiology isn’t set up to allow you to turn into the next bodybuilding champ but results in a lean toned physique & body transformation

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DISCLAIMER – I am not a doctor or medical professional thus any dietary/training advice given in my videos are based purely on scientific research/anecdotal evidence. Please consult with a doctor and/or an equally qualified Health Care Professional prior to starting any diet/training program and/or using any of the information given in my videos. I do not assume liability for any actions/side effects/illness/injury/economic loss and/or death from any nutritional/training advice given in my videos

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  1. love how you mix the informative content with the vlog showing your meals etc it shows that you really passionate about this and put so much effort into makin these videos. the "potato army" reallly appreciates you my man

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  4. Dunnes stores bag is close to my heart. I love that u use it. No bullshit approach in Every way. Also lifting 5 plus years…and I don't think I look bulky. If only it was that easy!!!!! Would give anything for bigger quads

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  7. Scott, I was about to send out a S.0.S when you didn't put up a video last week. 😛 keep the same bag for the gym. It's totally you. This was one of my top 5 fav videos. You explained a lot to help me at the gym. But I will say my favorite part of the video is the man staring at you when you went for cereal. Died laughing. Your the best! Till next week my friend. 🙂

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