Fitness Workout for Women

TONING + STRENGTH Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

ALL Levels | ALL standing, NO jumping, NO squatting | LIGHT + HEAVY dumbbells | INCLUDES warm up + cool down | BURN 125 – 150 calories

I’m so excited about this workout today, Killer Bs! We’re doing both TONING and STRENGTH TRAINING work with light and heavy dumbbells, while chatting about the differences (and similarities) of each style of work.

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No matter how light or heavy you go, TONING + STRENGTH work is great for
💪 Improving your overall strength
💪 Increasing your bone density
💪 Lifting your mood
💪 Improving your balance, and
💪 Building your mind-body connection

This very modifiable workout routine has NO cardio, NO jumping, NO transitions to the ground and is very knee-friendly with NO squats. But of course there’s a warm up and cool down and plenty of sweat in between!

The interval timer is set for 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; complete rounds one and three with LIGHT dumbbells (or no dumbbells) and rounds two and four with HEAVY dumbbells (or moderate dumbbells, depending on your goal!)


Overhead to High Knees
Front Raise with Side Raise
Twisting Kicks
Curling Side Kicks
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers / Deadlifts

FINISHER (complete one interval on each side):
Drinky Bird Hold


Body Shaping Bs Suggested STACKER:


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  1. Love your workouts Pahla. You are awesome and the way your detailed explanations are so great. It’s really good to know what I’m doing and the benefits as a lot of instructors don’t go into so much detail. Thanks!! See you in the next workout!!

  2. I LOVE your workouts because I am a disabled 33 year old childhood cancer survivor! I was paralyzed when a cancerous tumor decided my lumbar spine would be a great place to hang out! I was 14 when I went through surgeries, chemo, radiation and had to learn to walk again! At first I was told I might never walk again! I can walk, with a cane, but I want to get in better shape and most workouts out there are too much for me! I also have a lot of really bad chronic nerve pain from the damage the tumor did & was told working out/yoga might help ease that a bit! I can’t jump or push up on my toes or run or wear high heels/flip flops. These workouts are great for me! I feel the burn without getting hurt! Any ideas for lower back strengthening exercises? Or anything for balance help or maybe nerve pain relief?? Thanks so much!!😘💋🎗

  3. This looks great! Looking forward to doing this after work. I'm in my early 40's, but I love your approach to fitness. I lost over 80 pounds and maintaining and I enjoy light/gentle workouts daily. Thanks for all that you do!

  4. Pahla, can I tell you the funniest thing? When my dog hears your intro music and you say "Let's go" he goes nuts cuz he knows I'm going out on the deck to workout and he gets to run around the yard!

  5. This workout was just right! Thanks for the detailed explanation of toning and strength. And the bonus explanation of deep core stabilization muscles. I have a desk job and I’ve not been asking much of these muscles so it’s great to wake them up!

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