Workout Meals

What To Eat Before And After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before and After Your Workouts

Let’s simplify the pre- and post-workout meals. In this quick video, I provide some guidelines for how to eat to optimize your workout and recovery. These are just guidelines, of course. You will need to modify them to suit your caloric intake and goals.

But, whether you’re leaning down or gaining muscle, it’s important to get quality protein and carbs before and after training. If you’re training first thing in the morning, at least try to get 20-25g of protein in.

Keep fats low and try to keep fiber intake relatively low, too. This will help your body digest and absorb nutrients more readily.

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Train hard, y’all!

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  1. I've been lifting weights for thirty years now and always in the morning. My go to for pre workout is cereal. My weapon of choice is either frosted mini wheats or a lucky charms variant. Post workout is a whet protein shake with frozen fruit to make it like a milkshake. My go to is chocolate with a big scoop of peanut butter and a frozen banana.

  2. Thank you for this informative information. No trainer I've worked with has given me this information. This explains why I've lost so much muscle. Love your videos, cant wait to see more

  3. Can you post your workout split in detail! I’m so curious and need a new split! You’re amazing btw!! I love your videos!!♥️♥️

  4. @Erin, I cannot exercise with anything in my stomach. If I eat absolutely anything including a shake within 3 hrs of exercising, my stomach feels heavy and if running, jumping or abs workout is included, I feel like I'm going to return everything I've eaten. How can work around that?

  5. I am leaning back out. I like to eat high protein low fat foods. Like my fat everyday is under 28 grams fat. Is that ok or to low? I am 5’10” 143lbs and 47. Thoughts? I want to lean back out to 127lbs. Thanks!!

  6. I lost 80 lbs intermittent fasting. I started lifting around the 70 lb mark. I feel like there’s not much info for us IF people. If you know of any tips or advice on how to integrate IF with lifting (or if it’s a no go), that would be awesome! I have muscle, but I may or may not be getting all that I can from the lifting. I’m not sure though.

  7. As always, I appreciate the information you provide to us on an ongoing basis. I have learned so much from you! Please could you maybe sometime include something on what supplements you take and how they fit in nutritionally. Thank you!

  8. Erin, your information is so helpful. I love fitness and I incorporate your videos into my workout regiment. I am so happy you have started including more nutrition information. I will take you wonderful advice and I KNOW it will positively effect my fitness journey..oh really this lifestyle I live! 😁💪🦾🙏 You are appreciated!

  9. Thanks for all your amazing videos .i have a question please i want to gain muscles and get rid of cellulite i eat healthy i practise my workouts with dumbells everyday but just at home will it gives results ?

  10. I train with weights at night at home. After my workout 🏋️‍♀️ I’m winding down for bed. What should I eat after my workout at night? I try to have protein powder mixed with water and maybe half a banana. Is that okay? Thank you for your help and your amazing videos!

  11. Thnx 4 the content. Im new here!.. Yes would be awesome to have more videos about nutrition to gain muscle.. like is it best alway low in fibers and fats? And always high in protein and carbs?? How many meals would u recommend? 4/5/6? I manage only 3 but rather big… shall i have more but smaller? Thnx! Im so happy to find u! 😊🙌

  12. You look amazing in this video! Your arms are getting tighter so quickly! Even your beautiful smile and voice is natural along with your of great physique 🌹 I do have a question regarding the black wing meat that you get however, I looked it up and it sounds interesting with great selections but in your opinion how is this different than the trifecta meats that I see a lot of the pros eat?

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